Denture Repairs

Daily use and accidents can be the main reason you may require your denture to be repaired.

Dentures can sustain damage such as

  • small chips
  • fissures
  • broken off pieces
  • cracks/fractures
  • lost teeth
  • worn out

If your denture has become damaged or broken, please do not discard of any pieces and also do not try to reglue it with superglue as this can damage the complete alignment, resulting in the cost of a new denture.
It is important you come in and see us here at Care 4 Teeth to have your denture repaired as quickly as possible.

Denture Relines

If your denture becomes loose over a period of time, it is time to have your denture relined.
Your denture may become loose over a period of time due to:

  • wear and tear
  • aging
  • weight loss
  • disease
  • bone loss
  • gums shrinking

Your dentures can be relined in two separate ways;

Regular firm acrylic – sent away to the lab (usually overnight)

Soft acrylic which is done chair side (more comfortable and ideal for elderly and post operative patients)

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