Broken Denture

Broken, Loose or Damaged Dentures

If your denture is broken or damaged from wear and tear, it is important to get your denture looked at as soon as possible. It is crucial you do not try to fix it yourself as this can be harmful and cause damage to your natural teeth. If you have broken a denture, Care 4 Teeth are here to help repair your dentures as quickly as possible.

Common issues with dentures are:
  • Broken or chipped tooth in denture
  • Broken denture base
  • Broken denture clip (metal)
  • Lost or misplaced denture
  • Denture rubbing and causing discomfort

Broken or chipped tooth in denture

Broken Denture clasp

Broken Tooth in Denture

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To have your denture repaired or to have a discussion with our dentist regarding your denture, please give us a call on (07) 33982255 to schedule an appointment!

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