Practice Accreditation

We're an independently Accredited Dental Practice

Care 4 Teeth is proudly an independently Accredited Dental Practice.
Accreditation is based off complying to the National Safety and Quality Health Services Standards (NSQHS Standards).

The Commission developed the NSQHS Standards as part of the Australian Health Service Safety and Quality Accreditation (AHSSQA) Scheme. The primary aim of the NSQHS Standards is to protect the public from harm and to improve the quality of care in Australian health service organisations.

The NSQHS Standards that we follow are:

Standard 1 – Governance for Safety and Quality in Health Service Organisations
Standard 2 – Partnering with Consumers
Standard 3 – Preventing and Controlling Healthcare Associated Infections
Standard 4 – Medication Safety
Standard 5 – Patient Identification and Procedure Matching
Standard 6 – Clinical Handover

When a patient visits Care 4 Teeth, they can have peace of mind knowing they have chosen a practice housing highly trained and educated staff. We implement the highest level of procedural dental systems and strive to provide the highest quality of patient care.

NSQHS Standards

Care 4 Teeth accepts all Australian Health Funds