Penthrox Green Whistle

Are you an anxious patient?

Did you know at care 4 Teeth we have multiple options to help ease the anxiety and pain
whilst you are receiving treatment?

Green Whistle (Penthrox)

Penthrox is an inhaled medication used to reduce pain and anxiety during or following
trauma to the body. Pain relief is rapid but not eliminated.

How is Penthrox administered?

Penthrox is inhaled through a custom built inhaler and usually takes full effect within 6-10 breaths. After the initial 6-10 breaths, you can inhale continuously or as instructed by our dentist. The side effects below are usually mild and only last a short time.

Penthrox Effects
  • Calming
  • Soothing
  • Feeling of extreme happiness
  • Non addictive
  • Less responsive to pain
  • Numbness or weakness of arms and legs
  • Flushing

If you feel you are facing any of these symptoms or would like to have a discussion with our dentist, please contact us to schedule an appointment on (07) 33982255 or

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