Dental Crown & Bridge

Care4Teeth has extensive experience with dental restoration work such as crowns and bridges.


A crown is an artificial tooth (sometimes also known as a cap) that completely covers the tooth. It is used to provide strength when your tooth has been root canal treated, cracked, broken or has large fillings.

Why do you need a Crown?

There are many reasons where a crown or bridge might be required.

  • To approve the appearance, shape and alignment of your tooth
  • Protecting a tooth following a root-canal treatment to prevent the tooth becoming dry and brittle causing it to break
  • If the tooth is heavily filled
  • If the tooth is cracked

What types of Crown do we use?


A bridge is a ceramic composition filling the gap left by a missing or extracted teeth between two crowns.  Bridges are one way of replacing missing teeth. If you have a gap left from a missing tooth, eventually the teeth around the extraction site start to shift and create an uneven bite. Bridges are used as an alternative to implants and dentures and are cemented to your natural teeth or implant.

Please watch this video on how to keep your bridge clean

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