Camp Hill

Care4Teeth, a dental clinic in Carina, Brisbane, offers a wide range of dental services to residents in Camp Hill and surrounding areas. Their comprehensive services are designed to cater to various dental needs for all age groups.

Key services offered by Care4Teeth include:

General Dentistry: This covers essential dental care such as check-ups, fillings, tooth removal or extractions, root canal treatments, wisdom teeth management, inlays/onlays, mouthguards, and treatments for teeth grinding. They also provide appliances for snoring and sleep apnea.

Cosmetic Dentistry: They offer cosmetic dental services like veneers, same-day crowns, dental crowns and bridges, teeth whitening, and full mouth rehabilitation.

Surgical Dentistry: This includes more specialized treatments such as dental implants, bone grafting, crown lengthening, sinus lifts, and implant-retained dentures.

Senior Dentistry: Tailored for older patients, services include dentures, denture repair/reline, denture care, and treatments for dry mouth, gum disease, and gum recession.

Children’s Dentistry: Focusing on younger patients, they provide services under the Child Dental Benefit Scheme, pits & fissure sealant, happy gas, space maintainers, and mouthguards.

Emergency Dental Care: The clinic is equipped to manage dental emergencies, including injuries to the mouth, bleeding, broken dentures, broken teeth, facial swelling, infections, lost teeth, and toothache.

Additionally, the clinic provides patient education on various dental health topics and boasts a Smile Gallery showcasing their work in dental implants, fillings, full mouth rehabilitation, veneers, internal bleach, dental bridges, crowns, dentures, implant-retained dentures, and Zoom teeth whitening.

Care4Teeth operates Monday through Saturday with specific opening hours for each day. They also offer after-hours emergency services via text messaging for immediate assistance.

Care 4 Teeth accepts all Australian Health Funds